BEWARE! I was denied.

<p>I thought I had it down pack here at NU.</p>

<p>I applied ED.
I had a FANTASTIC essay. (Not kidding, praised by the Principal at my school.)</p>

<p>SAT SUPER: 2190
GPA UW: 3.94
I took all the APs available at my school and got 5s on all but AP American History (4).
ACT: 32
SAT II: Bio E- 780, Math II- 730</p>

<p>I had some pretty sweet ECs</p>

<p>I have since moved on. But be wary, all of you. I would've loved to go to NU, but i was not accepted.</p>

<p>Good luck everyone.</p>

<p>Sadly, I don't play the oboe.</p>

<p>This is your post on a chance me thread</p>

<p>"White male, from Vermont.
I go to a school of approx. 250 kids, and there are 59 people in my Senior class. Because of this, my class rank is not released to colleges (or me, even).
GPA UW: 3.8
GPA W: Though I take AP classes, my school is small and thus does not weight grades
SAT Super: CR: 690, M: 610, W: 620 (11 on essay)
ACT: 29</p>

<p>AP: Environmental Science (5)
[Keep in mind i would've taken more, but my school doesn't offer very many at all]</p>

<p>SATII: Math I: 690, Biology E: 690</p>

<p>ECs: I have A LOT...
-Participant in International Earth Science Olympiad in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (One of 6 Americans selected throughout the USA)
-Preforming independent research study on streams in VT with Univ of VT, EPSCoR
-3 Yr Varsity Hockey
-1 Yr Varsity Soccer (3 JV)
-3 Yr Varsity Tennis (1 JV)
-S.H.A.P.E. - Philanthropy club at my school, active member (4 Yrs)
-Leader of Environmental Club (4 Yrs)
-Middle School Mentor (3 Yrs)
-Diversity Day Coalition (3 Yrs - promoting diversity in the 98% white state of Vermont..)
-10th grade Excellence in Biology award, only one kid in my school
-9th grade Excellence in history award, only one kid in my school
-"Good Heart" award - given for kindness and all-around good person
-National Honor Society (Inducted in Junior year)
-Fluent in English and French (Not really Ec...)
-Participant in the Governor's Institute of Vermont Engineering Program (1 Summer)
-Asked to participate in Youth Medical Leadership Forum, could not attend because of $$
-Vermont Youth Leadership Attendee (1 of 4 in my HS)</p>

<p>Additional Details </p>

<p>-I have taken all possible science courses at my HS
-VERY rigorous schedule this year
-Worked 3 summers our of my HS career (10,11,12) [2 Jobs sometimes!]
-My essay is really good.. I'm being totally honest, about my struggles and successes of living in a really competitive town
-Really good recommendations, one coming from a UVM physics professor, the one whom i went to Indonesia with.</p>

<p>I know i'm not the most amazing student, but I believe my superior ECs and good SAT will help make up for this.</p>

<p>Chance me place, thank you very very much!"</p>

<p>Don't know what your trying to do here..
unless your sharing an account with a friend?</p>

<p>but NU is very competitive, they have many qualified students that get turned down</p>

<p>Also, the phrase is "down pat" not "down pack"</p>

<p>So you're telling people not to assume that they will get in? I wonder what kind of amazing, life-changing content you had in your amazing, life-changing essay then.</p>

<p>Don't panic, you will probably get in somewhere else great.</p>

<p>Why are you discouraging everyone else? Don't be bitter...</p>

<p>Fadedviolinst ahhahah. What a burn.</p>

<p>Fail at lying about your stats. I have seen many people get denied with stats better than your fake ones. Move on.(:</p>

<p>Guys guys guys.... Misunderstood!</p>

<p>1) I share this account with my step brother, both of use are seniors and applied to NU! It is primarily his account, obviously.</p>

<p>2) It clearly says "Beware." The idea is not discouragement, but to make it obvious how hard it is to get into this school.</p>

<p>For those of you that have a problem with me, I've been accepted to Brown.</p>

<p>New Question: How on earth did you get into Brown already but not NU, since you can only apply to one early?</p>

<p>Is it supposed to be news to everyone that Northwestern is hard to get into? I think most people understand this...</p>

<p>^ arbiter: Exactly my first thought!!! Huh? Don't share confusing.</p>

<p>i don't think your rejection reflects whatsoever on the difficulty of getting into northwestern. people would be better guided by the average SAT score and GPA of those accepted, which are available online. obviously, in a school that is as competitive as northwestern, there is an arbitrary element to the acceptance process. many qualified students are turned down. on the other hand, many students with scores lower than yours are accepted. it is somewhat random and very much influenced by the rest of your application.</p>

<p>"Sharing accounts" is the number 1 "rebound" from an internet mistake. See it all the time. Who shares accounts...?</p>

<p>your stats aren't all that high...i dont know why you thought you had NU "down pack".</p>

<p>also, "For those of you that have a problem with me, I've been accepted to Brown."
is that supposed to make us dislike you less for starting an unnecessary thread or something?</p>


<p>I feel bad for Brown.</p>

<p>Good question- which did you apply ED to? Brown or NW?</p>