Beware if you are considering Creighton University

For those looking to Creighton. Our daughter went there for 2 years before transferring out:
There is no safety on campus. Untrained, uneducated employees act as security, intimidate students, and overstep their authority.
Daughter was raped in her first 10 days. Was afraid to tell us until Christmas break. Nothing was done by Creighton except to offer counseling and only after we notified them. Omaha Police not called. We had to do that after our daughter got up the courage to tell us.
Due to daughter looking Hispanic, which she is not, she was discriminated against by Creighton. Eg. she was the only one searched in a room of students and dragged down to the security office. Later they held a kangaroo court to discipline her for being in the presence of drugs and alcohol. Anyone walking into a residence at Creighton is in the presence of drugs/alcohol. Every 3rd or 4th dorm room has drugs and/or alcohol in it.

I recorded our daughter’s kangaroo court session which, as her parent, I was allowed to attend but not allowed to speak or I would be ejected. A student is forbidden to have a lawyer but Creighton had their lawyer present! Creighton said our daughter “was not contrite enough”. FOR WHAT? She did nothing wrong.

FYI. Contrary to what Creighton advertises, they are not a private university. They do accept many DoD grants making them non private.

I believe there is a way for users to message me if they would like a copy of the recording of the hearing. If you cannot message me please leave a response in this forum with some way for me to contact you.

Also read reviews on Yelp.

I hope this helps prospective students in their search for an appropriate university.

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This is frightening! So sorry for your DD. Did the incident occur on campus with student or other? I know the campus borders an area that is known for crime but not sure if that affects on campus crime stats. Is there a campus drug and alcohol problem?

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Wow! Breaks my heart. DD21 All Girls Catholic schools sends a lot of girls to Creighton every year and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things from that school. I’ve also heard the same from the diverse students who attend, granted there are VERY few of them that do attend. This IS Nebraska which is my concern sending D21. Geeze.

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ALL private schools accept government grants and contracts, even Harvard. Creighton is a private school.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. My heart goes out to your daughter. She is so so so strong.
I am a prospective class of '25 at Creighton and will be reconsidering.