Beyond Recognition...questions

<p>When do 4 digs learn what squad they are shuffled to and is there any activity with their new squad prior to August or does it all come together then? Are roommates still assigned? Do any 3 digs end up in triples?</p>

<p>At what point during your 2 dig year do you submit your AF career choices (can’t remember exactly what you call it), and when do you find out? Are those interested in post-grad school or med school handled differently?</p>

<p>They learn their new squads sometime here within the next few weeks. There is like one day where you get together with your new squadmates from your class, but other than that, not til august. You can pick your roommates going into the new squad. No 3 degrees are in triples really, but rumors have been going around that with renovations in Vandy, all 4 and 3 degrees will be in triples next year. Don't know the validity of that, but whatever.</p>

<p>I'm not sure exactly when you submit your AFSC choices, but I think that is like around now (sometime in the next few weeks) as well. It may have already happened, but who knows.</p>

<p>we had a room of 3-digs tripled. depends on the squad, # of ppl, # of rooms, and guys/girls.</p>

<p>AFSCs were submitted a couple weeks ago, and they find out around Ring Dance (near graduation). i've heard ROTC already know theirs</p>