Beyond SATs, Finding Success in Numbers --NYT

<p>Interesting article about what really contributes to succeeding at top colleges for many kids.</p>

Posse Scholars’ median combined SAT score is only 1056, while the median combined score at the colleges Posse students attend varies from 1210 to 1475. Nevertheless, they succeed. Ninety percent of Posse Scholars graduate — half of them on the dean’s list and a quarter with academic honors.


<p>Beyond</a> SATs, Finding Success in Numbers -</p>

<p>Upon reflection, perhaps a program to help all kids form a "posse" upon enrolling would be a good idea. I find it fascinating that the SAT score is so inconsequential in predicting success in the posse environment.</p>

<p>We were extremely impressed with the Posse kid who showed us around Brandeis. No idea what his SAT scores were though!</p>

<p>But this is why I don't get into a doodah about Affirmative Action.</p>

<p>Love the idea and how wonderful that it's working!</p>