BFA Acting Class of 2025: preparation, prescreens, auditions, questions and support

Anyone received merit scholarships or honors college invites from Rutgers Mason Gross?

That’s great to hear. Keep us posted on how it goes. (DePaul)

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[Syracuse] I’m planning to contact admissions next week so I’ll let you know if I learn anything else about merit aid. I’m signed up for two parent zooms next week (one general and one drama) that might also shed some light.

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Has anyone been else been accepted to TCU or USC and going? I am catching up on this thread. My son hasn’t decided and we have some other schools (not BFA but BA) deciding on too.

Hi there. My D was accepted to USC, and is deciding between there and one other program. My older son went to USC (not for acting), so I may be able to answer some of your questions. Feel free to private message me.

Question that I don’t know where to post anywhere else. Desperate for some insight and guidance. Don’t wanna give too much away in case this is stumbled upon later, but here goes:

My S is a sophomore at a large state university, ranked #225ish nationally, but unranked/mostly unknown in the theater arts department. He is a double BFA major in professional acting and, as of next semester, musical theatre too. The student aid is meh, and we have to pay the rest of the tuition and room and board, even though it isn’t much.

On a lark he applied to transfer to one of the top #30 nationally-ranked universities in the country. Not only did he get in, but he got an enormous amount of financial aid-almost a full ride-and admitted into their dramatic arts program. They are not super well-known for this BA (not BFA) program, but they are one of the oldest theater departments in the country, and additionally, they have a very highly ranked MFA in dramatic arts.

They are well-connected with a professional theater company and an undergraduate level theater company. Again, the school is almost like a public ivy.

The question is, what is the best thing to do? Obviously the new school is amazing, but would he be suffering going from his current fairly unknown (and not on any lists around here on CC to speak of) BFA double major MT/Acting to an also fairly unknown BA Drama program?

The prospective school will likely have better connections down the road and also has a bit of a better potential to get into their prestigious MFA too. Like I said, it’s an in-state school but also a top 30 school in the country, so the alumni network is strong.

I was also thinking going to a school like the new school’s prestige would make it a bit easier to get into an MFA program down the road somewhere else as well, though I don’t really know if it not being a BFA would hurt him. People there tend to say it’s a BA that acts like a BFA, but I don’t know how much that applies down the road. Obviously he would not get the musical theater training at the new school either.

Help! We really need to make a decision soon. I obviously would like him to go to the more prestigious school, maybe, but I also don’t want to hurt him, if the double major BFA from his current, but fairly unknown, school is somehow a better thing. Also, his current school’s faculty and leadership has kind of gone down in quality over the past 5 years, and even though the main acting teacher is still very prestigious, he’s let my S. know that his (the professor’s) days may be numbered teaching there.

Thank you everyone so much! For any insight! :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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Visited TCU yesterday. Son very interested. Lovely campus.

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(Syracuse) Is anyone else still waiting on financial aid package for Syracuse?

DM me if you like, I can give you feedback on the theatre company the second school is associated with if you want to share the details.

I’m a bit confused as to whether we have received info about the Financial aid package from Syracuse. My daughter received a notice from the Financial Aid office to look at MySlice. She received a grant called an “Orange Distinction Award,” but no mention of any other Financial Aid in terms of loans, work study, etc. She did not receive a Merit Award in her Decision Letter and we filed an appeal for that since she received good merit Scholarships from all the other schools. Is the “Orange Distinction” grant her Financial Aid package and our Merit appeal is still pending? Or is it a Merit Award in response to our appeal and the Financial Aid package is still pending? I haven’t been able to get a clear answer. Unfortunately, the grant isn’t enough for us to cover the cost and I’m heartbroken for her if this is the bottom line. She loves Syracuse. Thanks for any insights.

I feel for you. We’re in a similar boat. It’s so hard to see them get so close to their top choice and have it come down to finances.


(Syracuse) My son is still waiting for an initial aid package…Time is ticking and the stress/confusion is building…

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We have very little time to visit and May 1st is almost here. Was your son accepted into BFA theater or musical theater program? Did he meet with them in person?

With everything you’re saying I’d definitely choose the new school. A BA in drama is more than enough training if he’s looking to get an MFA later.
If he might go straight into the industry, I think he should just go wherever he feels he’ll grow the most, since neither is particularly prestigious in drama.
With what you said about the teachers in his current program and the connections of the new one, it really sounds like the new one is a better option.

Don’t think Minnesota Guthrie waitlisted all they didn’t choose after callbacks (someone here said they got a “decline” before the waitlist spots went out).
For those waiting - they called at least one student we know this week and offered admission off the waitlist. There is hope.

(Guthrie) mind if I ask if the student who was offered the spot this week was male or female? My DS trying to weigh the odds if there’s still a chance before committing elsewhere.

For Guthrie- a female was offered a spot. Not sure if she is taking it or not.

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Anyone hear of any movement on Tisch waitlist?

@henpen. So sorry- just realizing you were asking me this question. I am so confused by this cc format. Not sure what school you were referring to. If Syracuse- my son accepted into drama dept(singer actor track) not MT.

My DS is on waitlist that may not move until after May 1. He has academic money at the waitlist school. What happens to that academic merit if he doesn’t enroll by May 1, but maybe gets off waitlist in June? Is there a general rule or does it vary school to school?