BFA in Lighting Design

<p>I've read several threads here on theatre design, but some are years old. Was hoping for some updated input and info.</p>

<p>Our D is a junior, looking for a BFA in either lighting design or theatre design with an emphasis on lighting. Her grades, SATs and portfolio should get her considered at most places. We've already been to:</p>

<p>CCM -very impressive, both in curriculum and equipment. Seems to have a lot of performances going on that students can actually participate in, instead of the grad students doing it all.</p>

<p>Penn State - she found it to large for her taste, so we're now looking at small-medium schools, urban/rural doesn't matter.</p>

<p>SUNY Purchase -The tour was a disaster. Even though the tour was scheduled, met no one on faculty or staff, just freshman "student ambassadors". Fortunately we ran into 3 lighting majors who took us around afterward and gave us a much better overview, so we left more comfortable with the program but leery of the people running it. Also they don't seem to have a lot of actual performances that students can work on.</p>

<p>We're also planning to visit NCSA, Wright State, Boston U, Emerson, DePaul, possibly Evansville.</p>

<p>Any opinions or recommendations on colleges or the degree itself would be appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>I would strongly recommend adding Webster University in St. Louis to your D's list. It's considered one of the best undergraduate lighting design programs in the country, and it's a smaller school (about 3,000 undergrad). Here's a link to more information</p>

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