BFA MT + Schreyers Honors College

I submitted my prescreens and application to Penn State BFA MT, and I’m thinking about the Schreyers Honors College because the honors college admits get scholarship money. As far as academics, I am not too worried because I have a great GPA, test score, class rank, and resume, but I am questioning whether it is doable to do a BFA MT with the honors college because of all of the requirements. Are there any BFA MT students at PSU or any BFA students that know anything about this? Thank you.

The Schreyer courses replace the Gen Ed courses. It’d be a bit more difficult but I know thy want qualified applicants from all colleges.

@evangl2002 I would encourage you to apply to the Honors College, but warn you that the deadline is rapidly approaching (and that includes letters of recommendation).

It sounds like you think you’d be a nice fit for the Honors College, but just a heads up - the essays are very important for getting an acceptance. Test score is not reviewed, GPA (quality and rigor) is reviewed, and your “resume” - but it is how you talk about those activities.

They definitely encompass all colleges - as a BFA student, you may have a leg up, because there probably aren’t many MT majors applying.

Look at the website for their requirements - everyone has to take a Schreyer Honors English/Speech Comm (it replaces the general requirement). Lots of gen ed’s can be taken Honors, or you can “honors option” a regular class.