BFS vs. Brown

<p>I was pretty set on Brown until I received the invitation to be a BFS Scholar. Should I give a lot of weight to the BFS program, or is it not enough to overcome my original choice? It's taken me a lot of time to narrow down the choices of Cornell, Duke, Penn, and Brown, and to be honest I think I only like Brown just a little bit more. What do you thinK?</p>

<p>i visited brown and wasn't that impressed. i think the academics have lost a lot of respect and the degree isn't as valuable as the one you will recieve from penn. i also like how penn is more urban. i think that brown (in my opinion) is less challenging and less respected in general. plus, for what it's worth, the kids who i know that go there aren't very cool :)</p>

<p>Yeah, to be completely honest, I really didn't feel that "at home" at Brown either, and I see the same things that you commented on. However, all I know is that everyone that goes to Brown LOVES Brown. I've never met anyone that graduated from there that said a bad thing about the school. I'm kind of trusting people in that I'll end up liking it, too. I really liked Penn, too... I can't decide between the two. The only things I don't like about Penn are the 50/50 ratio of undergrad to grad students, the relatively rigorous courseload associated with engineering and BFS combined, and the fact that whenever I say University of Pennsylvania people think I'm talkin about Penn State.</p>

<p>yeah, the penn state thing sucks. lol i can't believe i'm going to a state school. but u kno what, it doesn't matter because ppl who hire you will know the difference =)</p>

<p>and getting into bfs is like the honors program pretty much.. it's just extra research, priority in classes, smaller more indepth classes/attn, etc. if you love that kind of thing that should be a lot of weight. otherwise you'll be fine either way.. but u know.. being in the honors program at an ivy is pretty cool</p>

<p>My understanding of BFS priority is that priority applies only to selection of BFS Classes not all classes.</p>