Bfs ?

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>I am french (from France) and was accepted in U Penn; they invited me to be a Benjamin Franklin Scholar, what is this ?
It seems pretty honorific</p>

<p>Wow, it's an excellent program which only invites outstanding students from their admit pool. Congrats at first, but I also sense that the workload of BFS program will be heavier than usual.</p>

<p>The workload for BFS isn't any different that if you weren't in BFS. Workload simply depends on the classes you take. BFS gives you priority advising (I believe you get 2 advisors instead of one), tons of special research opportunities (for example, it makes you more likely to be able to get things like the Rhodes scholarship stuff, etc.), and allows you to take special BFS seminars which are very small classes taught by highly esteemed professors.</p>

Congrats :)
I'm in the BFS program as well. Basically, it allows you to get into smaller classes in both the College and Wharton that are only open to "honors" students. You get priority in getting into BFS seminars as well. You also get better advisors and more research opportunities. This does NOT mean that you have a heavier workload. You only need to take 4 BFS classes before graduating to get this "label/title" on your diploma and basically it just looks good :) It's not a big deal, so there is no reason why you should chose not to be a part of it.</p>


<p>I'm also a BFS.
One other thing if you do 7 seminars instead of 4 you get a bigger honour like your an official graduate scholar or something.</p>