BHP decisions this late?

Hello everyone, I was admitted to McCombs late January, and I still haven’t received any decision regarding BHP. No invitation for a phone interview, no rejection, etc… Do they still send out interview invites this late? If it helps, I also applied to Turing Scholars for the BHP-Turing program, but they are supposedly separate in admissions decisions.

There have been two waves of admissions into BHP - one in Dec and one a few weeks ago. This seemed to be the same pattern of acceptances as in prior years. Perhaps by searching prior year’s threads, you may find some students not accepted in one of the two waves. I do know that they don’t admit without an interview and that events for admitted students in the second wave are happening in the larger Texas cities next week. S applied to BHP and Turing as well and was accepted to BHP and has not heard from Turing. S was told by BHP that he would have heard in Dec if he was going to be accepted to Turing – but that may have been since he received his BHP decision early that a Dec Turing decision would be expected. At an event in Jan. for admitted students, there were several students who had been admitted to both programs in Dec. Good luck !

Thank you. I can guess pretty confidently that I wasn’t accepted now, but that is okay, as I can always reapply sophomore year.