BHP Question

<p>Hey guys, I have been admitted to McCombs but not BHP. I did not apply to BHP because I was not aware of it. I am going to be a freshman with college hours, approximately 40 (So i guess this makes me a sophomore) Does this mean I am SOL for BHP in terms of transferring? Also if I took the FAP route would that make up for not being in BHP? Speaking strictly on IB positions.</p>

<p>Bump Bump ^^^^</p>

<p>You should still be able to transfer internally into BHP even if you transfer in 40 hours. They only look at your UT GPA when evaluating BHP transfers. Keep in mind that the process is extremeley competitive. The average UT GPA is almost a 3.95, and you still have to have at least one letter of recommendation, an interview, etc... </p>

<p>If you're not in BHP, the FAP is the next best thing. Keep in mind though that FAP is competitive too. The FAP program is extremely time-consuming. You'll have to take a lot of time outside of your classes to complete the program.</p>

<p>I'm not in either, but I've still been selected for a couple of IB interviews at elite banks.</p>

<p>^ Thanks Andrew, so there is still a possibility for IB positions without either? That's a relief. I will try to get in regardless.</p>

<p>Many students come into BHP with 40+ hours of credit--that has no impact on the BHP degree, and wouldn't keep you from getting admitted. However, business courses will keep you from being admitted. I would attend a BHP info session this coming fall to learn more about that.</p>

<p>Any business courses? I haven't taken any so far.</p>