Bias/Discriminatory Teachers

<p>I had about 3-4 in my life and it sucks. It really does. </p>

<p>I hope I don't get any in my Sophomore/Junior years. It would really suck for college. </p>

<p>Anyone had their share of experience on them?</p>

<p>Yes i had a teacher who showed favoritism to a specific group of kids in my regular chem class. Good thing it was sophomore year and not an AP class. There are some teachers you just cant please.</p>

<p>I had one this past year that, not to brag or gloat, liked me and about three others more than others. This was a Spanish teacher and he always seems to like students MUCH more that already know anothe language (I know Russian, another student knows German, and two others already knew Spanish)</p>

<p>All the more motivation to get into a top university where professors (hopefully) don't play favorites.</p>

<p>my sixth grade teacher favored these girls who were popular and pretty.</p>

<p>I'm serious.</p>

<p>I have a spanish teacher (old guy) who gave perfect grades to only the pretty girls. He gave me a perfect grade (im a guy) but that was because I was on his tail and kept bugging him about it. </p>

<p>Not to say, that my good looks weren't used in the making of that 100.</p>

<p>English teacher had a group of 3-4 kids who always got 100s. If you werent in that group, your max grade was a 92. In no way were their writing better than others who got 92.</p>

<p>Actually, I've been the bias of many teachers. I guess it was because I didn't talk during class and only asked questions that were relevant to the things we were studying. However, I heard that the Chemistry teachers at my school hate asians... I hope I'll do well.</p>

<p>Oh yeah. He gave grades on 'trying' so if you kissed his ass you were trying. Unfairly lowered my grade ten percent, I told the vice, and in the end got suspended.</p>

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