<p>I know bicycles are popular around NU.... most colleges will have one or more good bicycle shops near a campus with a good selection of both new and used bicycles...anybody know the names of the shops around NU?</p>

<p>Also how seasonal is the use of bicycles....wondering how many students use them in the winter with the wind and cold.</p>


<p>lol. can you imagine riding a bike on patches of ice and thru snow?</p>

<p>although i'm an incoming freshman, I've lived in the chicago-area for 15 years, and I can assure you, I do not ride my bike during the winter... i think while you're at nu, there will be AT LEAST a period of 3 months where you will feel the weather is unsuitable for riding a bike.</p>

<p>Hi frazzleddad,</p>

<p>I know of 3 bike shops around campus. Although the only name I can remember is the Turin Bike Shop on Davis Street, as it was where I purchased mine. </p>

<p>I know there will be a New Student guide that the Daily Northwestern will send you before New Student Week and it's a terrific guide about anything and everything a new student could/would worry about. It will also have tons of ads from businesses around the area, including bike shops.</p>

<p>swtvtgyrl is right, bikes are basically non-existent during the winter. But there are nevertheless a few rogue souls that'll try to bike. Basically you can either brave the cold to class or take a shuttle. I purchased a really great coat and nifty boots and went about my daily business like so, but there is a shuttle to downtown Evanston for those souls less inclined to the frigid weather and still need to purchase hygienic necessities.</p>

<p>During the first McCormick chat I asked a question about bikes and a student told me the local police sold out their old bikes or something in the fall. This sounded funny, but can anyone tell more about it?</p>

<p>The university provides storage for those who bring their bikes the earliest for the winter and summer quarters. I personally have my own storage in Evanston (Public Storage) that I pay monthly where I keep my bike. Of course, I will have to pump the tires when I get it out.</p>