Big CC News: College Confidential Joins Hobsons

<p>Didn't notice that the June date on the article was 2007, and hadn't heard that. Was the naviance sale ever mentioned in a CC thread? I must have missed that.</p>

<p>I truly do not know if the acquisition of Naviance by Hobsons was ever discussed on CC (I don't read every thread, LOL). Just commenting that based on news accounts, Hobsons acquired Naviance in June of 2007 and that transaction is not connected to the recent news of the partnership between CC and Hobsons.</p>

<p>I never knew much about who owned Naviance when either. That's just a link that came up in a Google search I did.</p>

<p>I was thinking Naviance would make an interesting investment, so I traced ownership to Hobsons. Their purchase of CC is intriguing.</p>

<p>Interesting news. I think some updating of the discussion boards' functionality sounds nice. And if the UI gets spiffied up in the process, even better.</p>

<p>I think it would be really cool if, through the synergy with naviance, CC users had access to the aggregate information of all schools that use naviance, so we could see a cumulative GPA/SAT graph for a particular college.</p>

<p>Interesting idea, Dartmoose, I'll pass it along. I'm not sure what restrictions are placed on the data as part of getting permission to collect it, but such a master plot might provide some useful guidance to applicants in general.</p>

<p>yes, my school uses naviance as well, and I can see SAT/AP/GPA/extra data for all students that were accepted into a particular university from my high school. It would be pretty sweet to see the overall numbers drawing from several hundred schools.</p>

<p>Or even more intriguing, the ability to slice and dice Naviance data based on geographic location, school size, school type (public/private), number of applications per college, or even turn this all upside down by grouping colleges rather than high schools...the mind boggles.</p>

<p>Congrats to Roger and crew on the sale.</p>

<p>Great! I was a member of both before.....this is gonna be all in one place!</p>