big differences in Critical Reading Sections?

<p>I took a practice test and, while I was reviewing it, I noticed that out of the three Critical reading sections, I got two wrong on the very first section, but 11 on the second!!!, and 4 wrong on the last section. Why is the number that I got wrong so different for each section?
Could it be the difficulty or the type of the passage that affects my score? Or the types of questions?</p>

<p>Does anyone have the same problem? I don't know how I can improve on this section because I get the same total number wrong everytime I take a practice test. :/</p>

<p>Not each section is the same in structure. Identify which types of passages were in each section and work from there. Certain topics (like science) may be particularly difficult for you. You sound like you didn't realize that the section in which you got 11 questions wrong was difficult. If you did, you should've been able to discern what made it so hard quite easily.</p>