BIG dilemma !! neep help !!

<p>My AP teacher already gives a lot of credit, so a lot of people don't study for their tests, and she knows it. But a period played another class in soccer and won, so she's giving them 30 pts extra credit -- that's a whole letter grade !!
I don't think its fair for the people who worked their butt off for an A at ALL, and other kids will hear that the APclass is a joke because of all the extra credit ( she gives out like 60 pt. extra credit finals and such) and also it'll reflect badly on the school if a kid who got an A thanks to the 30 extra credit points but slacked off got a 2 on the AP Exam.. as that's going to happen since there are so many kids slacking off in her class. it's not fair that just becuz they won a game that they should receive a higher grade. i'm okay with say, 5 to ten points extra credit, but 30 extra points?! that's bs. its unfair that the students who worked their butts off will not gain a higher GPA over the slacker students, even though they are superior academiaclly and actually did all the work and studied. It's blatant grade inflation.. i want to tell my teacher this, but i don't want to seem a ***** to the people in the period :( what should i do? should i talk to teacher ? its not just me, its a group of students unhappy about the situation.</p>

<p>That's not fair :(.</p>

<p>I suggest discussing it with your teacher first (maybe bring a fellow student who feels the same way). If that doesn't work, go to the English department head in your school and even get your parents involved.</p>

<p>It's not that big of a deal... I've never heard about people complaining about extra credit before. I'd love a class like that.</p>

<p>it IS a big deal. she only gave it to ONE period because they won a stupid frisbee game. this is a woman who gave us a 30 point extra credit midterm, a 50 pt extra credit final last semester and a 60 pt. one this semester and extra credit questions on every single quiz. </p>

<p>so people don't do their work.. that's why its unfair that people are being given a higher grade . it screws up the GPA too.</p>

<p>That is a huge deal! The only reason she is doing that is because she gets money by how much good grades are in her classes. What class is it anyway?</p>

<p>APEC. supposedly a "hard " AP.</p>

<p>so do you guys think i need to talk to her about it?? but i don't want to be Public Enemy No. 1 :(</p>

<p>Hm, I don't think teachers are payed by the grades in their classes (though it does make them look better).</p>

<p>If your teacher is giving out so much extra credit, then YOU can slack a little (or a lot) and pull of the grad that the others are. Work the system.</p>

<p>Yeah, it's not fair, but life in general isn't fair (and this isn't that big of a deal). You still have an A. It really won't affect YOU if others get A's also. I would just say not to argue against extra credit (Well, that's what <em>I</em> would do).</p>

<p>Don't worry about other people just focus on YOU and YOUR grade</p>