Big mistake on the common app!

<p>My teacher just submitted a teacher evaluation form. He also sent me a copy of the recommendation letter. I checked it over and saw that he forgot to replace my name with another one of this student's name. However, the form has already been submitted. Is there anything he or I can do to fix it? I'm slightly stressed about the whole situation. Thank you.</p>

<p> read his recommendation letter?</p>

<p>Can teachers edit after they submit it? My counsellor showed me his as well and this also happened! But it was before he sent the thing in.</p>

<p>Was it submitted online? Then i don't understand the "wrong" name senerio. Shouldn't student's name already automatically filled in with Common App ID?</p>

<p>If it's not submitted online, ask your teacher send another rec letter with correct name maybe a good solution.</p>

<p>Nevermind, I got it. Thanks anyways!</p>