Big News From Harry and Meghan - Royal Family Stepping Back

I think there are ways you cannot, ever, compare the situation and level of criticism of H/M with that of W/K.

And that’s all I’m going to say.


I will not admit to knowing all the details of this situation - or even remembering all that has been said above, but given their notoriety I doubt picking a name was a game time decision???


Why should 2 people who have endured so many vicious (and deeply racist) attacks and had so many lies told (and believed) about them not push back? Who cares? Maybe you wouldn’t but I know I would. Their new baby is less than a week old and now those malignant courtiers working for “the firm” are attacking them while continuing the circumspect silence about creepy uncle Andrew. The tabloids continue to print blatantly racist lies about their newborn daughter and the saintly royal family doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

These people have only one priority and that is to keep the monarchy going for another generation. They will destroy anyone who doesn’t give their lives over to that objective and that includes their children. The longer this situation goes on the smarter I think Harry was in getting his own family as far away as he could. Against all odds, he actually is reacting the way a man who loves his wife and children would.


I don’t look at it a ‘destroying’ H&M. It’s more of a ‘he said/she said’ thing and to me, very minor whether Harry asked the Queen for permission to name his daughter by the nickname. No one broke any laws, no one is going to jail.

I don’t know what vicious attacks or racist lies have been printed about their 1 week old daughter. This is the only issue I’ve read about, whether or not they asked for permission before releasing the name, and that of course has nothing to do with the baby, just with Harry and the Queen. Oh, I did read today that they are taking a 20 week parental leave, so we shouldn’t hear from them for a long time.

Don’t you need a job to have parental leave? :joy::joy:


I have trouble with the vitriol directed at Harry and Meghan. In my opinion they have been and continue to be publicly bullied.

Some may believe the couple deserve it. I don’t.


Its what happens with celebrity. People become interested in (and have opinions on) matters with respect to celebrity that they just aren’t/don’t with other people. Not limited to royalty of course. Sports stars, actors/actresses, musicians, politicians, etc experience the same thing. Often times celebrities want to have it both ways: they want all the benefits of being a celebrity (a big part of their compensation is tied up in being a celebrity) but not the costs/downsides. Doesn’t work that way. If you don’t want the costs/downsides, you have to step out of the limelight. And if you do that (with few exceptions), the costs/downsides will go away (likely in a matter of months).

So far, Harry and Meghan either don’t seem to want to step out of the limelight or don’t understand how to do it. And I do have more sympathy for royals in terms of celebrity because its not their choice. With other celebrities its their choice (some family members don’t choose though spouses typically do). It was Meghan’s choice. And as Harry has moved down the line of succession, his ability to step out of the limelight is significantly increased. But you actually have to want to do that and then actually do it. At this point, they are struggling with that though its not clear (to me anyway) what the reason for that is.


I never buy that argument about “it comes with the territory” as a blanket statement for celebrities. That sounds like a blanket statement for everyone NOT that celebrity to scrutinize or criticize. Some celebs may encourage that treatment - but being a celebrity is often a result of being good at their trade/career - that is not permission for them to have to be under a microscope.

Blessing and a curse to being a celebrity. Would be great if humans could focus on the times, the $$, the compassion to which celebs use their notoriety for good things of in most cases, which there are MANY.


You don’t have to be a celebrity to be criticized. Anyone can criticize anyone else for anything. Justified or not. Difference for non-celebrities is 1) you need to know what they are doing that that won’t be true and 2) someone has to care about that criticism (which pretty much no one will).

At this point, there are intra-family disputes that are being aired in some type of public manner all around the world. Talking with friends and neighbors about it. Posts on social media. And there are baby name criticisms going on right now as well. But no one is hearing about them (outside their immediate families) because the masses do not know the parties involved.

Vast majority of people who are at the top of their field do not live under microscopes and are not celebrities. Pretty much limited to people who can fill theaters/arenas/stadiums or draw big audiences on TV. A big part of the compensation they receive (salaries, endorsements, etc) are based on that celebrity. Seems likely there are people who are better at their respective sport than Lebron James is at his but its a sport that no one cares about so there is no celebrity status.

Bad news sells. Not a good thing but its reality. And doing good things should be its own reward. And likely some celebrities view it that way too.

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Don’t want to get away from the thread topic but agree to disagree big time on that statement.

If doing something good should be it’s own reward then doing something “wrong” should be it’s own punishment instead of incessant criticism.


There are a lot of things that should be and a lot that shouldn’t be. Then there is reality which often times is very different.

For the vast, vast majority of people on the planet, doing good is the only reward and doing something wrong is the only punishment (short of being arrested for a crime, losing a professional license, divorce, etc). There will be nothing more because nobody cares.

Its different for celebrities. Can argue whether it should be but it is reality. And it goes both ways. More interest in something bad happening/being done with/by a celebrity but also more interest in doing good as well. Celebrities are more likely to get coverage of helping a charity or doing other good deeds.

It just comes with the territory of being a celebrity. And again, take yourself out of the limelight and with few exceptions, no one will care about your goods/bads anymore. The microscope will go away. But more often than not, they want to still be in the limelight. Just want to be able to cherry pick the good and not have any of the bad. Not how life works. For everything not just celebrity status. If not, I would keep the paychecks and skip the work.

And if Harry and Meghan wanted to get away from the microscope, I am confident I could get them there. But its not clear to me that is actually what they want.

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A big part is surely financial. They bought a $15M house with a $9.5M mortgage, and appear to have expensive tastes and a desire/need for private security. It’s not straightforward to earn $5M+ per year, while remaining out of the limelight.

If you shoot yourself in the foot, you likely have to see a doctor. But there was a time before that when there were other options.

Apparently, William and Kate have yet to see a picture of the baby or to have received a Zoom call. In my family, photos of a new baby are shared within the family immediately and with much joy.


“in my family” is key. All families are different and unique . They did seem to share the news with closest family before the official announcement. Pictures, zooms , are probably not far behind for those that have not gotten a glimpse yet. Face to face might be awhile because of distance, but that is an issue for many families separated by miles.

I guess they haven’t placed one either?


They aren’t close, so I guess there is no point in pretending otherwise. Presumably the Sussex’s shared the event with those they consider friends, which doesn’t include their families. I expect various royals are very wary of speaking with them for concern any conversation will make the US newspapers the next day. It might.

What Kate said : “I can’t wait to meet her because haven’t yet met her. So hopefully that will be soon.” In response to the question of whether she had video chatted with Lilibet, “No, I haven’t.”

What people heard: “Apparently, William and Kate have yet to see a picture of the baby or to have received a Zoom call.”

Perhaps Kate should drop Jill Biden off at the local pub so she can do a Zoom call across
8 time zones. :roll_eyes:


Right? She said we haven’t met her or FaceTimed, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t tell them the news/text/FaceTime with Harry or Meghan.


Well, Joe is a teetotaler so maybe Jill would enjoy some time at the pub to sample the local brews. :laughing:

But, seriously, I put the chances of Harry/Meghan not having texted the typical newborn-in-hospital-blanket photo to the Queen, Charles/Camilla, and William/Kate at exactly zero.

Kate was asked a stupid question and gave a very literal answer. The end.