Big Prob.... Didnt submit all ED materials

<p>As a U.S. citizen on international soil, I was supposed to submit the international supplement. It contains a form labbeled "Proficiency in English" or something like that. I submitted this form to my English teacher to fill in long before the deadline. Since, we arnt allowed to see the report, she was supposed to seal it in an envelope and submit it to my counsellor before the ED deadline. However, my school holidays began around 5 days before the deadline, and on the 27th Oct (the day all our supplements were to be posted to Cornell), my teacher went on her vacation and forgot to submit the form................ so I was basically screwed.
My counsellor recommended that I courier the form exactly on the 7th Nov, (the day classes were to commence)... and so I did that today. Another blunder I made is that I sent all supplementary materials to the Undergrad admissions office, instead o the applications proccessing center.
What impact do you think this would have on the admissions decission?</p>

<p>give admissions a call and tell them what happened. as long as everything gets there eventually it should have zero impact on how your application is viewed. i wouldn't worry at all about this. schools like cornell do everything possible to get as many ED applicants possible, thus boosting their scores. they'll be more than willing to enter you in the ED pool.</p>

<p>it might be waived....have you checked online?</p>