Big School vs. Small School

<p>So I'm sure that this question has undoubtedly been asked and answered numerous times on CC, but I thought I would just add to the list :)</p>

<p>What are your opinions on big schools versus smaller schools? I've been looking into both as potential colleges to apply to, but it would be nice to see what some other people have to say (besides just my sister lol). So, how do you feel about it?</p>

<p>Big schools really have no benefits, rather then a personal preferance (Do you like big schools, or not is much of an opinion rather then fact). </p>

<p>Small schools give you a better faculty (Professor) to student rating, making you know the prof better.</p>

<p>Try to stay overnight in one of each with a friend or relative so you get a better sense of what life is like in each. Many students seem to worry about getting bored with the social life in a small school and I think it turns out that with all the clubs, activities, concerts and theater events on campus you don't need as much as you think you do outside. There is so much to be said for small classes and the opportunity to get to know professors.</p>

<p>I started at a large state school, then transferred to a small LAC. At the large school, I had a wider variety of classes and greater diversity. I also joined several clubs and a sorority in order to make the school seem smaller. At the tiny LAC I was able to get more involved in my ECs and I knew my professors better. I think that small schools can be very limiting to many people, while large schools allow some to get lost in the shuffle. I agree that staying overnight, visiting different size colleges and sitting in on classes can help you make up your mind.</p>