Big Suprise!

<p>I went to mailbox today only to find that I have been denied Admission to one of my saftey schools! It was odd because I thought that I had a fairly decent chance of getting accepted, but it was s shock to my system. I applied to Brown Early and was Deferred, and was wondering if anyone else had heard of a similiar sitiuation…and what the results were?</p>

<p>I'll find out from Lehigh soon, then we'll see if I had the same experience as you. By the way, what school was it. I know this happened to a friend of mine who applied to RPI and got waitlisted. She had amazing stats.</p>

<p>It was Denison University in Ohio. It's a rather small school so I suppose that I didn't show enough interest in the school...or something like that. I'm still a bit shaken :)</p>

<p>Sometimes schools reject overly-qualified candidates because they can tell you're just applying there as your safety, and that more likely than not you're not going there. A small school like Denison is even more likely to do that...</p>

<p>Source for this info: GC</p>

<p>Are you sure they had all your stuff? I was deferred EA to Fordham in December, and rather upset about it. Then in January or February they sent me a letter saying they never even got my high school transcript!</p>

<p>yeah the status page said that everything was in by the deadline</p>

<p>I got rejected from one of my safeties too. I figure it really doesn't reflect how other schools will evaluate me, so I'm trying not to worry about it and just wait until the 31st.</p>

<p>i hope things work out for you guys. i can't imagine your stress level</p>

<p>I'm on spring break right now but all of my friends are gone so I have nothing to distract me!!! LOL...i'm freaking just a little bit</p>

<p>Totally get what you mean ivyboy! parents are taking me out of the state during the break coming up so that I do not have any access to the mailbox until March is pretty much over! Have a friend coming w/ me but they already went through the admissions process!</p>

<p>'re pretty much going to get hit all at once...I suppose that we all are though...I find about like 3 schools in one day and that day is going to be hell (because it's a monday and I have to go to school...thank god for friends with iPhones :) ).<br>
I talked to one of my friends who got into Denison... she has the same stats as I do except that her SAT's are about 600 points below mine!!!! I was really confused that I was denied that she got in, with like 15,000 a year when I got denied! Even she was suprised! I'm happy for her though because I applied to about 10 school while she applied to only 4 so this means that she'll have more choices and end up somewhere great in the fall!</p>

<p>Pretty much I'm dying right about now...had a dream that I didn't get in anywhere and woke my parents up I think that I'm letting it get to me a bit too much. I think that I'll try relaxing.</p>

<p>I had a very similar experience today. I just discovered that I was rejected by UChicago. I actually thought that I'd have a good chance of getting in since it has the highest admission rate from all the colleges that I applied to and I at least got deferred from Yale. Now I'm afraid that if I don't even get in there, I won't get in anywhere. But I have a number of good explanations for why I didn't get in: the teachers that wrote my other recommendations did not write my UChicago recommendations.The teachers who wrote my UChicago recommendations even misspelled my name Also, I'm not sure if they received my transcript etc. since a number of envelopes my school had sent out got lost, so possibly that's a reason. Also: my financial aid application to UChicago probably hurt me, but it doesn't hurt me at other colleges, so I hope I still have a chance :) Anyway, good luck to your other applications, Ivyboy.</p>

<p>I think it's called the "Tufts Syndrome" or something. I'm told it happens all the time especially when schools can figure out that their school is a safety for you. Did you visit, write letters/emails etc. to indicate your interest? Things will work out I'm sure.</p>

<p>bigman: do you think UChicago would do something like that, too ?</p>

<p>Re. U Chicago: Acceptance rates are not everything. Chicago is extremely competetive because it attracts a very highly qualified applicant pool. Basically, it's a school for nerds (not that that's a bad thing... I came very close to applying!), and people who are really intellectual, and therefore very intelligent, don't apply. The average GPA for accepted students there from my very competetive public high school is a 3.9-something -- and believe me, that's quite a feat. Tufts Syndrome definitely does happen, but I very much doubt that Chicago would have to make decisions with that in mind.</p>

<p>Not that this says anything bad about you -- I know some very, very qualified people who didn't get into Chicago (including one who was also deferred from Yale). This year is just insane -- it's all a crapshoot, frankly.</p>

<p>Dr. Avrah, also, this year Chicago became much more competitive. It looks like the acceptance rate was 28%, which is MUCH lower than it was in the past few years. Basically, they had an overall 20% increase in applications, and they anticipated a higher yield, so they accepted 200 fewer students than they did last year.</p>

<p>Anybody who treats ANY school on in the top ~30 as a safety was either advised badly, or chose to ignore the good advice they were given. Good luck to Dr. Avrah, but the undeniable fact is that treating Chicago (or Tufts, for that matter) as a safety is not a very good decision.</p>

<p>I can attest to the Tufts syndrome. I was wait listed by Tufts. Didn't really matter cos I'm at Brown now. But it was strange that it was the only school that didn't accept me, because it was my safety school.</p>

<p>Does anyone know why it's called "Tufts Syndrome"? because that is pretty funny. Also, I didn't show any interest in Denison at all...meaning that I didn't e-mail, call, visit, or even look at the brochures! I supposed that it was a bad decision! Oh well! </p>

<p>Yeah people have been saying for a few years that the admissions process was going to start getting really tough. Especially since the children of the baby boom generation are maturing, some have even called us the "Boom generation". So pretty much it screwed us all over! YAY!</p>

<p>Hang in there. My D was rejected from a safety, then accepted to her #1 choice.</p>