Big universities with really stellar "undecided" guidance

<p>I'm wondering if there are particular large universities that have special programs in place for undecided candidates that may be over and above the typical program. Some colleges seem to mention these types of programs on their websites (for instance, Penn State has DUS, UConn has ACES) but I wonder if it's just a PR thing, and if those programs I just mentioned are really any better for the kid who doesn't know what he/she wants than a program at another school.</p>

<p>Anyone have any idea about this, experience with the two programs I mentioned, or a plug for a college which really works well with undecided students?</p>

<p>S went to UConn and as an undecided, they listed his program as "ACES". I never knew what that really was. I thought of it as a label they used until sophomore year when he had to declare his major. Most schools don't require students to declare a major until their sophomore year, and calling their program anything other than "undecided" seemed unncessary.</p>

<p>When S was applying to college, he was undecided about majors, and was considering: sociology, psychology, education, engineering as well as a few other majors I don't remember.</p>

<p>When S with embarrassment told this to the provost of a college he was considering, the provost replied, "That's the beauty of liberal arts colleges. You get to sample a variety of subjects, and you don't need to make up your mind for a while.</p>

<p>That's how S ended up at his LAC, and that's also how he ended up majoring in a subject he hadn't considered before he took some classes in that major for fun and found that's where his passion is. It ended up for S, theater tech brought together everything he loved about the other majors he had considered.</p>