Biggest party school

<p>Which UC is the biggest party school?</p>

<p>sb................................then Cal then LA</p>

<p>SB, Davis, Irvine</p>


<p>Cal then LA? I'd say it's more like Cal = LA.</p>

<p>University of Casual Sex and Beer</p>

<p>^Doesn't that say everything? :p</p>

<p>Who Else Is Hitting Up Ucsb For Halloween??!? Woooo!</p>

<p>Santa Barbara; it's not known as the college with the highest rate of STDs in the nation for nothing.</p>



<p>Trying to be funny, Beastmaster :)?</p>

<p>No, PointZero.</p>

<p>Ucsb, Cal, Ucla</p>

<p>Obviously UCSB, then Cal a close second; the frat/party scene is situated in the heart of the city of Berkeley, so there will be much to do on a weekend night.</p>