Biggest regret as a transfer student

<p>Whats your biggest regert as a transfer student, like accademically what would you change if you could go back 2 years .
For me I seriously regert taking so many CSU only classes since now I'm transferring to a UC .I'm actually transferring with 60 units instead of 70( 73 but theirs a unit cap cap) . This is made even worse by the fact I'm probably going to get a no pass in my 5 unit class this semester . This is only made ok since UCR's cutting me some slack on the 60 unit requirement- if it wasn't for this I would just head up to CSUN</p>

<p>After I attended two counselor meetings, I realized that they were unhelpful morons. My counselor was telling me to take 'Psychology-Counseling,' and 'College Study Skills' classes. I had failed a 4 unit Biology course w/lab that I was taking while I was in high school and my counselor wanted me to take a 3 unit Intro-to-Bio course. (I ended up skipping the Intro-to-Bio course and dove headfirst into 4 unit Bio course w/lab and passed with a B, which I consider a good grade for a hard science class like that.)</p>

<p>I basically avoided all counselor advice, saved myself from taking 10 non-transferable units that my counselor recommended and just focused on completing IGETC, taking ASSIST-certified courses and coming online to CC for advice instead of going to my CCC and talking with those idiotic counselors</p>

<p>why are counselors such morons.....i dont get it. they literally make things up as they go</p>

<p>After having taken over 123 units over the last 3 years, of which all but 18 where transferable.... my only regret is not taking more classes. I have 2 whole semesters of sciences that I can still take between organic chemistry, engineering, and biology classes which I will never be able to complete. At the moment, I have the equivalent of 3 AS degrees completed (Phys, CS, and Math) but with just one more year I could have had like 4 more in Chemistry, Biology, and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.</p>

<p>I messed around way too much early at CC (started in 10th grade) and therefore my GPA suffered. If I could do it all over again, I'd have graduated from a UC 4 years ago.</p>

<p>not taking winter and summer session at CC, thissss is why so many students get trapped in the CC system for longer than 3 years, you mustttt stay dedicated.</p>

<p>Also, do not settle, strive for A's. it's really easy in the CC to get straight A's just study and go to class. after my first year, i figured this out, so now my gpa is not as high as it could be.</p>

<p>finally, apply apply apply for scholarships. professors are more than willing to write letters of recs. i waited until the last minute, and now i'm wishing i had some cash to pay for higher education</p>

<p>i wish more than anything i had taken school seriously the first go round! then my GPA wouldnt be weighed down with lame grades from years ago.</p>

<p>I regret not attending another CC to take classes/pre-reqs not available at my "main" CC.</p>

<p>@LizfromHollywood lol, that happen to almost everyone like me. On the verge of failing one class which jeopardize my acceptance, i wish I could put my act together like months ago not now.</p>

<p>Leaving my hard classes to this semester, rather than taking care of them early on. D: </p>

<p>I'm not even sure if I'm going to pass my Bio class due to focusing a lot on my Calculus class.</p>

<p>@ rca2446: It's hard for people in my Bio class to get an A--I think the average is a B--just because of how tough the professor grades. For example, when it comes to quizzes (which are short-essays in nature), the professor has a certain way he wants you to answer them, and if you don't write down what he expects you to say (which is regurgitate what he wrote on the study guide), he knocks off major points. I got 3/10 points on my first quiz because I wrote everything in my own words, rather than using his words, and because I didn't define the terms used (apparently, he didn't mention that defining the terms was important until the 5th quiz).</p>

<p>Not finishing all my UC-transferable writing and math courses before this semester.</p>

<p>Not deciding on a major! My dream major has so many pre reqs that I had to change it to transfer in two years. I should have graduated college last year so I didn't want to stay any longer than I had too.</p>

<p>Not taking more History and Political Science classes so I could be set up for a double major when I get to Cal.</p>

<p>I took almost 90 units while at CC though. I couldn't have crammed much more in there.</p>

<p>not studying beyond the low expectation at cc.</p>

<p>Going to SFSU right after high school. That was a waste.. Should have come directly to a community college. I was so uninformed In high school. Didn't know it was going to be easier to transfer from a cc and TAG... I'd never heard of it until my second semester at cc. That too my friend told me about it.. Not the counselors! Seriously.. They are no help.
Oh well... All's well that ends well :-)</p>

<p>being so damn indecisive about my major!! and not sucking it up and hauling my a$$ to another CC to take advantage of the courses they offered! also, taking some unnecessary courses, that, while UC transferable, was time that could've better been spent in pre-req/IGETC classes.
ah well</p>

<p>Awesome thread.</p>

<p>I wish I hadn't failed my first 3 classes at my CCC during my first semester 3 years ago :/.</p>

<p>Doing worse in cc classes than i did in high school ap courses. The cc classes were easier for the most part but I couldn't take them seriously enough to do as good as i could have.</p>

Yet you still got accepted to ucla and berk. Lol. Im sure your upward grade trend and ps will boost your grad school admissions...if that is what you plan to do.</p>

<p>Either start writing for my school newspaper earlier or joining student gov.</p>