Bike theft

I want to bring my road bike to berkeley, but it is expensive and I dont want it to get stolen. </p>

<p>Would using a U-lock to lock the rear wheel + frame, a medium cable lock to lock the front wheel + frame, and a thinner cable to lock the seat be enough to make sure my bike wont get stolen? I'm asking because I have no idea how serious bike theft is at Cal. </p>

<p>Also, are there any "safe spots" to lock my bike? Such as well-lit areas with lots of people walking around? </p>

<p>I currently live in unit 2, so are those metal bike cages in the courtyard safe?</p>


<p>eh if it’s pretty expensive, i’d really just not bring it.</p>

<p>I have a friend who has a really expensive bike and he just brings it to his room. Although it takes up space, he leaves it in the hallway (technically not allowed to do this apparently) until he sleeps and then leaves it inside.</p>

<p>Yeah I highly recommend not bringing a road bike. If you do, take it to your room. Or know how to lock it up. This may sound stupid, but read several articles online of HOW to lock it up. Or google common mistakes or something. Trust me. Do this and you are good.</p>

<p>How expensive is your road bike? If it’s over $1000, I suggest you keep it home.</p>

<p>Otherwise, bike theft isn’t that bad, but you should still be cautious. That is, make sure front wheel, rear wheel, and frame are all locked. The seat is of lower importance, but they have been stolen before if you leave your bike parked overnight and get unlucky.</p>

<p>I use a good U-lock around the rear wheel and frame, followed by a medium cable lock between front wheel and frame. The seat, I’m betting my luck on, but my road bike is just under $400.</p>

<p>Also, I’ve never had any trouble in Berkeley, but I have had issues in East Oakland.</p>

<p>Um if it’s over like 300 dollars, i would keep it at home. or over 100 lol that’s a ton of money unless you wouldn’t be upset about losing 300 dollars then go for it. or if u have unlimited money then sure.</p>

<p>Here is an article about [locking</a> your bicycle](<a href=“]locking”> It suggests using both a U-lock and a cable lock, since methods of attack for each type of lock involve different tools. I would add to that article:</p>

<li>Choose a U-lock with the keyhole in the middle of the crossbar and a shackle as small as possible to lock the bicycle’s rear wheel inside the rear triangle to the stationary object.</li>
<li>If your cable has a separate padlock instead of a built in lock, lock the padlock to something like a seat rail to make it harder to attack.</li>

<p>Perhaps bring a cheap old road bicycle with fenders and rack to make it look heavy and ugly.</p>

<p>Fixed gear bicycles used to be common as anti-theft devices (thieves stealing them would typically crash within a block), but their increasing popularity means that it is more likely now that a thief may know how to use one. However, it is also popular to ride them without a front brake, which is unsafe (a front brake is needed because rear only braking is weak).</p>