<p>Do you recommend bikes? Do they help you in getting to classes and whatnot? Especially during the morning?</p>

<p>Probably depends on which college you go to.</p>

<p>Opps sorry, I didn't notice I was at the Berkeley thread, but yeah I think you should get one for Cal, but bring a lock because the CalSo people said there is a lot of robbery</p>

<p>Yeah there are a lot of roberries, but I felt like could walk to all of my classes on time. Just make sure you look your bike throoughly because somepeople even steal certain parts of your bike that aren't locked. (like one of the wheels).</p>

<p>Buy a cheap bike and buy a lock that costs twice as much as the bike. ;)</p>

<p>Hmm, bikes can be nice, but typically you'll be living within a short distance of a bus stop and can bus wherever you want to go. The P (perimeter) bus comes every 12 minutes, so it's a pretty easy way to get to class. Bikes are, IMO, the fastest way to get anywhere in Berkeley (on campus, anyway), but require more effort than a bus.</p>

<p>As anecdotal evidence, I brought my bike at the beginning of last year and used it for a little while. However, I blew a tire and so I got used to not having. I haven't bothered changing the tire yet (6 months by now, probably). It's just sitting there, gathering dust. It's just easier to bus places than have to worry about a lock and helmet.</p>

<p>A scooter or skateboards would be an excellent alternative to a bike.</p>

<p>Bring a skateboard and skate down campanile way! super super fun.</p>

<p>I'm bringing a bike because I love biking. If you haven't biked in 10 years and hate it, don't bring one.</p>

<p>i just gonna use it to get to classes. I mean, pimental to dwinelle is not exactly close together.</p>