<p>Any pros and cons on bringing a bike to school?</p>

<p>You can get around campus faster and there are usually places open to lock them up. The campus IS easily walkable so bikes aren't at all necessary, but nice to have. I guess the con would be getting it up there and back during move in/move out. They're really, really useful for when you live off campus though, if you live in a complex pretty close to campus.</p>

<p>My kid wouldn't be caught w/o his. He really likes having it on campus to save time getting to/from classes but also really got into biking around the area, too. Rides all the way to the mall in Christiansburg sometimes, but now knows to look out for the wild turkeys along the way! :)</p>

<p>VT has a more centralized campus than many of the other virginia schools I have come across. You can do fine without a bike, but there are a lot around. There are some nice bike trails though...</p>