Bill Clinton speaks at Muhlenberg Wed

<p>Just thought I would share this information- very exciting for all students, regardless of how they feel about politics, this is a wonderful opportunity to listen to one of the most gifted orators.</p>

<p>My daughter said some profs were allowing their students to take mid-terms (some had them this week) at other times if they conflicted with Bill's being there. Although my daughter is all about Obama (like mother, like daughter), she did say she would have gone had she not had a conflict that couldn't be worked around.</p>

<p>D went (which is a plus in my mind, because she is not the most politcally minded girl). She said the gym was packed, many teachers cancelled classes to allow students to attend.
She will be home soon, so we will discuss it in more detail, but she said it was quite exciting.</p>

<p>She knows that her parents are avid Obama supporters ;)</p>