Bill for damage from LAST YEAR????

<p>Hi all - I was just my sons Tulane site and I see that he has a bill for $90 damage and $90 key replacement. #1 there was no damage, I was there to move him out. There was paint peeling off the back of the door from the 9000 coats of paint on it and honestly that room had so much damage when we moved him in that I listed every single thing possible. As for the key replacement...I was there when he turned it in! How can they charge for that??</p>

<p>I will be calling Tulane bright and early Monday morning, but I am wondering if anyone else had unreasonable damage charges and how they dealt with them.</p>


<p>I’ll search for my thread on this. They tried to charge us $100 for a stain on the nasty old carpet that they had to shampoo anyway. Your pre-move-in check list will help you as well. Are they charging to replace the key or did they rekey the door? Either way, if you can prove you turned it in, you should not have to pay!</p>

<p>Here it is <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt; Just rereading it made me clench my teeth a bit. Good thing I was eating cheetos at the time :)</p>

<p>Oh yes, I read that one! UGH!!! I called Tulane and to be honest they were pretty short with me, which surprised me because I am always greeted with the sugar sweet southern hospitality! ( I live in MN, but am from FL, so I love the greeting!) Anyway, I was told to email <a href=“”></a> and ask for more details on the charges. Well, it is now 4 days later and I have not heard a word back. I am a little frustrated.</p>

<p>jym626: I remember hearing from an older student that the 2008-2009 Monroe class had a few guys that deliberately tried to get the damage billing as high as possible. Apparently, it involved urinating in the staircases.</p>

I dont believe that was the reason they urinated in the stairwell.</p>

<p>Maybe they really really really had to pee and couldn’t make it to the bathroom.</p>

<p>Add a bit of alcohol to the mix and probably a bet of some kind…</p>

<p>Ignore the bill</p>

<p>If they send you another one: rip it up and put the pieces in the return envelope , and send it back to them</p>

<p>Make sure you put THEIR address in the ‘return address’ space so THEY have to pay the postage for it</p>

<p>p.s. I hear TULANE is undergoing a significant expansion … from now on they’ll be known as FOUR-LANE !! </p>

<p><em>hee!</em>hee!* … I crack me up !!!</p>

<p>Wellmy bad, totalpip. According to my DS, it was guys fromt he 4th floor that totally did do that in the stairwell to run up the damage fees-- apparently they thought the emails were funny! And at mardi gras some RA posted a sign in the elevator with a smiley face “no pee or vomit in the elevator please”. Ahhh, college freshmen…</p>

<p>AS much as i would love to send them the bill torn up in a million little pieces, non-payment puts a nice little hold on my sons account which means he won’t be able to register for spring semester. </p>

<p>I am STILL waiting to hear from Tulane. I will be there on Monday, so they are getting an earful from me!!!</p>

<p>Any update?</p>

<p>I feel your pain. After just sending them a check in the amount of a Toyota, my son decided to change his schedule and take an art history class. I now have a bill for $10 for something called an “art fee” that needs to be paid immediately or Lord knows what will happen. Really? The check for the Toyota wasn’t enough to cover the additional costs involved in looking at slides of paintings on a movie screen?</p>

<p>I’m not even blaming Tulane. If anything they seem more reasonable than most schools. I just find it amazing that higher education is as screwed-up as it is when it comes to money.</p>

<p>Well my trip to NOLA only left me more frustrated!! They had my sons move in date wrong and had him in the wrong dorm. After going 13 rounds with Lashonda from housing, we got it all figured out. Let’s just saw that I am surely not one of Lashondas favorite people. Next we head over to the actual housing office (early move in was set up elsewhere) to deal with the mystery charges. The lady working was as nice as could be and told me I would have to email…yes you got it…LASHONDA if I wanted to dispute the charges. </p>

<p>I have been home for a week and I am scared to email her because I am pretty sure she clearly remembers me after the move in fiasco. LOL!!</p>

<p>I am sorry, riroka, but that gave me the best laugh of the day!! :o</p>