Bill O'Reilly and Karl Rove are bloody geniuses...seriously.

<p>Right now I'm switching back between FOX and CNBC and I've come to the conclusion that these people are bloody geniuses. Bill was right on in his criticism of the Democratic party (left wing looneys like Moore, Soros, etc.) that eclipse moderate democrats like Lieberman. I'm not too sure about Hillary and Bill in '08, though. I think I heard Bill say he wouldn't run as a VP since he doesn't feel it's constitutional. Karl is so bloody articulate and so knowledgeable... it blows my mind. Discuss amongst yourselves [like Mike Myers says].</p>

<p>I wouldn't given an ounce of credit to Bill O'Liely and KKKarl Rove. Those people make me sick. O'Reilly is innocent yet he'll pay $10 million to settle his case - yeah... Karl Rove is even worse - he goes to all out lows. He's the one that attacked McCain over his war service in the 2000 primaries. He's a jerk. Playing the gay marriage wedge issue to get over the hump in Ohio is rediculous.</p>

<p>As an aside, I feel that though there is a religious uprival in our country; however, I think it is being blown way out of proportion. What people seem to forget is that 56 million people voted against Bush (For Kerry I might add, not just 3rd party candidates), a 282 electoral win is hardly a "mandate", and John Kerry was 120,000 votes away from winning Ohio and the presidency.</p>

<p>OMG, I will flip a **** if Bill runs as VP. That will be so friggin' awesome. I miss those two. We need some drama in the hizzouse. Stupid Laura Bush has to be the most boring stepford wife on earth.</p>

<p>Ok. Bill O' Reilly has no credit whatsoever.</p>

<p>Karl Rove however is a modern genius. As a liberal democrat, I say we need to find the Karl Rove of Democrats in order to win an election. Rove's genius comes in taking private issues, making them public ones and using them to the advantage of his candidate. It is pure brilliance. Rove is evil, but masterful.</p>

<p>Yes, Karl is a modern-day Machiavelli. I like. About Bill, I don't know what to make about the scandal or the payoff.</p>