Bill Question - Please Help ASAP

<p>I've been away for the past week and wont be back until the middle of this coming week. The deadline for the bill to be paid is the 11th, and my parents sent in the money before we left. It should already be paid, but online it still says we owe money (the $7,000 we owed from the time our loans were put in). How long does it take for them to update these things? I want to call, but its Sunday and no one is in. I wont have access to a computer until the middle of next week either.</p>

<p>I'm really worried the money didnt go through. Will they take me out of my courses? Does it take a long time for the bill on the Bursar to be updated online? Any advice?</p>


<p>I spoke to the Bursar about the bill due date and I was told that even though they prefer to see the payment postmarked by 8/11, there actually is some flexibility, meaning they continue to process payments the week following 8/11/10. My impression was there would be no penalty for paying the bill the week following 8/11. However, you should email or call them yourself just to double check and to notify them that there has been a delay in processing your loan portion of the bill. I myself may be delayed by a few days waiting for a check to clear.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply. I just checked again, and it says as of 8/4 they got a check for $6,000 and my account balance now says it has $2000. After the estimated housing was taken off and a LCT at Rubin put in, the cost went down, which is why I'm assuming my balance is $2000. </p>

<p>Is my assumption correct? Is that $2000 because we overpaid after housing costs went down and health insurance taken off? I dont know if I need to call anymore now that this is coming up saying they got a payment of $6000.</p>

<p>I don't understand. Are you saying that you have an account BALANCE or CREDIT of $2000? One means you still owe them money and the other means they owe you the $2000.</p>

<p>Have you summed up all your costs with the revised LCT housing and zeroing out the health insurance plan fee, as well as updating any amounts with meal plan changes? That will allow you to know what your updated total bill is. Then you can tell if you paid too much or too little towards the total revised bill.</p>

<p>You are right in that my son's bill amount came down after the actual housing cost for Founders was put in, as well as zeroing out the health insurance plan fee. I still have to get credit back because he changed from the standard 14 meal plan (put in automatically for Freshmen by NYU) to the 175 flex meal plan (means he should get $125 deducted from the total bill). I will actually be calling them tomorrow because my son has outside scholarship money coming in that has not been credited. So these bills have to be scrutinized and double checked based on your own circumstances.</p>

<p>OK, It is official (if you go by what the Bursar's office just told me by phone). NYU Bursar's Office wants to receive Fall 2010 payments by 8/18/10. So we get an extra week to get the bill paid to NYU.</p>

<p>Hope that gives enough time for those of you still getting your funds together or for those waiting for confirmation of receipt of payment.</p>