Bing vs Albany Honors

<p>My S got a merit scholarship and is well qualified for the honors program at Albany.
Interested in economics and public affairs/administration.</p>

<p>He is leaning towards Bing because of the reputation and general
grades/quality of his peers at Bing, but I am concerned he is missing out on
Albany, being near the state capitol, given his interest in public service.</p>

<p>Any advice ?</p>

<p>Well, Albany’s proximity to the NYS capitol is obviously a plus if your son wants to do that, but it’s not like there’s no government in Bing. Many of my friends volunteered on local/congressional races in the area, and some people interned at the mayor’s/congressperson’s office throughout the year.</p>

<p>I think quality of life is more important: visit both and see if you like one or the other better. Just one quick note: Albany routinely gets voted as top 10 party schools in the country, so that could be a positive or a negative for your son.</p>

<p>Thanks, probably a negative, the party school scene.
I would think being in the honors dorms and classes would help,
but most of these schools have one honors class/semester, and the rest
are regular classes. Probably a better academic experience at Bing, and that’s
how he is leaning. Just think internships could be bigger/better at a major state
capitol than with local gov and regional offices.</p>

<p>Theres always summers, ofc. I as a CS major only interned over the summer.</p>