Binge watched tv shows

Who watched the first season of Broad Church? We just binge watched the show. The first season was 8 episodes. We really enjoyed the show. It is a little slow moving. The accents are tough. The father looks like somebody we know.

So… We have binge watched Homeland, the Affair and Broad Church recently. Thinking about binge watchng the Americans. I love Keri Russell. I don’t know why I didn’t watch season 2. :slight_smile:

Definitely going to binge watch House of Cards.

So? Did anybody watch Broad Church? Anything great to binge watch? I think 8 to 12 episodes a year is great. 20 episodes a season is tough.

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We have binge watched Dexter, Breaking Bad, Homeland, Friday Night Lights, The Wire, The Newsroom, and are now on The West Wing. One of the difficult things about Friday Night Lights and The West Wing is that they are very long seasons with 20+ episodes per season, so it takes longer - we are about halfway through season 3. But at least each episode is less than 45 minutes.

We spent MANY years not really watching any network TV because of our busy lifestyle with our kids. Once they were launched, it took us a bit to get into the habit of actually watching stuff, as opposed to just having the TV on in the background with old reruns or HGTV. We also don’t really watch anything in the warmer months when there are more daylight hours because we want to spend them outside if possible.

I heard Friday Night Lights is great. Do you like terriwtt? My wife, one of her best friends and I watch together. To get my wife to watch more than two episiodes of a show in a day is tough. Sometimes, she stops at one episode. It is hard to call that binge watching. :slight_smile:

Loved broadchurch. Binged on most all mentioned here. D and I spent Saturday watching Black Mirror. Weird but that is the point. Enjoyed it. Always looking for good shows. I have no patience for bad story live. I recommend Happy Valley if you like crime drama. The British just know how to do it.

I have binged on House of Cards,Orange is the New Black, and Bates Motel. I am currently watching The Killing. I swear I tried to parse out Bates motel, but I caved. I am like an addict waiting for the new seasons of the aforementioned to start.

How violent is Happy Valley? Sounds interesting but my wife has problems watching violence.

If you haven’t yet, Mad Men is great to binge watch. H and I like Justified but it’s violent. Not gross out but lots and lots of shooting. I also love The Good Wife.

I binged watched the first season of Enlightened and Last Tango in Halifax. I usually only binge until I catch up to real time, but I binged last season of Veep after it was broadcast.

Loved Broadchurch. Hated the American remake and only watched first epi.

I have season two of The Paradise on DVR. Just waiting for a good day to stay home and binge it.

I did The House of Cards, Orange is New Black, Mad Man, The Killing, BBCSherlock Holmes,…

@dstark Happy Valley is not very violent primarily because the police do not carry guns. So there is no bloody gun violence. More suspense. YMMV.

Rom828, Ok. Great. Thanks.

Someone here recommended Suits and I am on Season 2. I don’t know if it’s still on the air. It’s pretty good. I like legal dramas, love The Good Wife but I’m all caught up. Last year I watched every episode of all 15 seasons of ER. I missed it when it was broadcast. Absolutely loved it. I wish there were more seasons. I like medical dramas even more than legal dramas. Any recommendations?

Speaking of violence, that’s why I prefer British crime shows. They move a bit slow and don’t show graphic details most of the time. happy Valley is on my list to watch, too.

We cope with the accents when we watch the British shows by turning on the English subtitles. Sometimes I wonder if they seem calmer because the background music isn’t so suspenseful. Broadchurch was pretty dark for me, but didn’t keep me up at night like some shows.

We have seen most of the shows mentioned. I will add The Fall with Gillian Anderson.

We probably enjoyed Last Tango in Hallifax the most of anything we have seen in the last year.

I watched Broadchurch, though not the US remake. Did Happy Valley, OITNB, House of Cards, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, Battlestar Galactica, Portlandia, Sherlock Holmes, and currently doing Cheers.

If you like the British mysteries I would also recommend The Fall with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan (the guy who is in 50 Shades of Grey).

I also watched Bletchley Circle, Call the Midwife, The Paradise (about a turn of the century dept store), The Borgias AND Borgia (both on the same subject matter and both worth watching in their own ways).

Lest anyone fear for my sanity listing all these shows, this is more a list of all binged shows I liked in the past few years, not the past few weeks or months. :slight_smile:

I just watched Homeland in a few days. Last night I just watched the first The Good Wife - I think I’ll watch that all the way through.

I binge watch Downton Abbey too. I’ll wait until all this season has aired before I start watching.

Try the Newsroom( 25 episodes total ) and Twin Peaks( 30 episodes total ). Both great shows

Slings and Arrows, about a Shakespeare festival (fictional) in Canada. Terrific.

The Americans is great. I just started on Season Two. I’ve also binged Breaking Bad, Call the Midwife and Alpha House. Another one you might try is The Knick. It’s a Cinemax show but you might be able to stream it through you TV provider. Also, I find it helps to have the captions on during British imports, expecially those that use a lot of street talk and slang, such as Law and Order UK.

Yes, we liked it enormously, and I will say that I was the one hesitant to start it. I grew up in Texas, with three older brothers - one played football and their team went to the state finals twice when he was on the team, so to some extent, I lived the stereotype of Friday Night Lights, although I was too young to remember and we weren’t in a rural town.

But the show eventually becomes less about football, and mostly about the relationships, challenges, politics, etc. of raising a family in a town that lives for football. I think it was done very well. We had also just finished Breaking Bad when we started watching FNL and it was a nice reprieve to watch a show that didn’t have so much violence, language, etc. Our next show after that was The Wire, and again… lots of violence/language, etc. I like alternating between the two.