Binghamton BUZZ E-mails

<p>Has anyone recieved any Buzz email from Bing that was suppose to go out every week starting May 10, 2010?</p>

<p>Haven't received anything and was wondering about it.</p>

<p>Apparently there's a problem with their registration website for orientation. So maybe there's a problem with the e-mail system too.</p>

<p>Still no e-mail but I did receive a letter from bing to register for the orientation. The reason the orientation registration is not working is because it's not ready yet. This is what their website says: "Please note that our reservation system is not yet ready. If you have tried to register and have gotten a message regarding an incorrect SIS ID and/or Birthdate, this is because the system is not available at this time. Please check back Wednesday, May 12."</p>

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