Binghamton Class of 2024 Thread

Wanted to start a thread for anyone applying to Binghamton to pose questions, honors acceptance, report high school and test score stats, chances to get in, or admission responses as they start coming.

I will start:
GPA: 102.74
SAT: 1480 (690 R&W, 790 Math)
Ranking: Top Decile (Not Ranked Until Mid-Year)

Taking 10 AP courses over course of high school
AP Scholar With Distinction

Applying to Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Major: Computer Science
Hoping to be accepted into scholar’s program or freshman research immersion

Early Action Applicant (daughter)

Weighted GPA: 99.08
SAT: 1430
Ranking - Top Decile (Ranking comes out Mid Year)
Took 4 AP courses and Scored 4,5,5,5

Applying to Harpur College of Arts and Sciences
Major: Political Science

She loved SUNY Bing when we visited and is also looking at SUNY Buff, SUNY Stony Brook, American U., and RIT.

SUNY Bing though, I think, is her #1 choice.

Update, I got the GPA wrong and now have the ranking.

GPA: 99.58

Ranking: 13 out of 1021 students (Almost top 1%)

EA applicant and we have sent in the common app (sept 30).

Good luck to everyone.


Is there an option to choose specific college in the application?

@brown2024 Binghamton only allows you to select your major on the application, not a specific college. However, your major will be used to place you in the correct college (Harpur, Watson, etc.), upon acceptance.

Does anyone have any idea of when Bing will start releasing admissions decisions?

@avahelen I heard last year they started releasing decisions on November 28th, particularly early action students who were in the SAT range of 1450-1600 with a high GPAs.

The majority of early action applicants hear back within the first two weeks of December, right before the holidays! Good luck if you’ve applied.

  • Current Bing Student

do you like it at Bing? What is your major?

Early action
Major: Pharmacy
In State
SAT superscore 1180(600 Math 580 English)
Ranking:1 out of 130
Taken 6 AP And have taken so far 16 worth of college credits soon 20

@avahelen My son applied to SOM as an Accounting major EA two years ago and received his decision on 11/30.

Hey got my account info for Bing and it says awaiting fee waiver or payment. I am eligible for a fee waiver since I got an SAT fee waiver and am in Free Lunch Program.My guidance counselor has also confirmed this through the Common App.Do I need to pay the fee now or await until my fee waiver is confirmed?

You should speak with your college counselor at your school. I think they are the ones who administer the fee waivers. If not, I would email the admissions office at Bing and ask them.

Its officially after November 1st! Hopefully decisions should start to trickle in by the end of this month!

applied EA on October 12th
major: biological sciences ( declaring premed if I get in)
sat: 1340
GPA: 90
I think like 37/450 not sure, went to a specialized art school tho
had five apps and three more this year, so far all threes and one four.

Applied EA on November 1 (Yikes)
I’m an instate applicant

GPA: 94.74
SAT: 1340 (700 English, 640)
Ranking: N/A

I’ve taken 5 AP classes so far but I will have taken 10 AP exams by the end of my senior year
AP Euro: 4
AP Lang: 4
I’ve taken 8 college classes so I should have a semester and a half of work.
AP Scholar

Applying to Harpur
Binghamton’s literally my first choice so it’d be great if you guys could tell me if I have a good chance of getting in cuz I wanna be prepared if I get turned down.

@c3memed I am not an Admissions Rep but have paid attention to the college admissions process over the last few years. There is no science to it; a lot of things come into play. I think that your GPA and the rigor of your course load are pretty impressive. Most universities consider more than just your grades. Do you have leadership and community service to round out your application? If so, I think you have a good shot strictly based on those who were admitted in the last few years — wishing you the best of luck.

For students that have visited, or are currently, enrolled, I am curious about your/ their impressions of surrounding community. My son applied to Bing but has reservations after a visit to campus. While looking for a restaurant following the tour, we saw some sketchy neighborhoods.

@NJFather my daughter is a current freshman at BU and I had exactly the same reservations for much of last year. The short answer is that yes, many of the neighborhoods in downtown Binghamton (and Johnson City for that matter) are rather sketchy and even dangerous. But many other parts of the city, and basically all of Vestal (where the main campus is located), are just fine.

My daughter regularly goes into the city on weekends for parties and has not had a problem. However she is always with a group, that includes several males, which she understands is a necessity. Generally speaking if the kids stay together in groups, and largely keep their wits about them, they are ok.

@NJFather My son is a Sophomore at Binghamton, and yes, there is part of the surrounding area that isn’t great. During our whirlwind tour of colleges a few years ago, I saw MANY universities with surrounding areas that were undesirable. My son feels safe, is happy, and is moving off campus next year. Please feel free to reach out if you need additional information.