Binghamton Fall 2020 Transfers

Hey everyone! I saw that there wasn’t a discussion for Fall 2020 transfers so I thought I’d make one! I’m applying as a transfer student to Bing for Fall 2020. Is anyone else applying as a transfer as well? We can share our decisions, stats, etc. Good luck!!

My son will potentially apply as a transfer student for Fall 2021 if he does not get in for Fall 2020 (deferred form early decision - still waiting for regular decision). Do you have to submit another essay as a Transfer?

Im also applying as a transfer for fall 2020. Im a sophomore and have about 40 credits

I didn’t have to submit another essay or writing supplement. @CollegeMotherNow

@Tkt123 when did you apply?

January 28th, wbu? @tb1026 and what major did you apply for

@Tkt123 I submitted my course report last night. I’m an undecided business major, but I have a better shot of getting into Harpur than SOM, so I applied to Harpur. How about you?

I applied to decker for nursing. Super nervous, don’t think I have a good of getting in @tb1026

@Tkt123 I’m nervous too. This is my second time applying as a transfer, hoping I get good news this time! I’m sure you’ll get in! What’s the gpa requirement?

Requirement is 3.0 I have a 3.79 however, i wont have all of the prerequisites completed until the summer. So a person with a lower gpa and all prerequisites completed will have a better chance of getting in @tb1026

Has anyone heard anything yet? If so when did you apply and how did you hear?

I received my acceptance letter March 2 for SOM. I applied January 28th as a freshmen transfer.

I applied late January as a sophomore in a good private school business program. Current GPA is 3.64 I heard back a few days ago via email about my acceptance to SOM for fall 2020. Probably going to accept…just waiting on credit evaluation.

I was accepted to SOM on march 16th. I had a 3.56 GPA and was in the SOM at univ at buff. applied early February but didn’t hand in my course progress report till about March 2nd

“ So a person with a lower gpa and all prerequisites completed will have a better chance of getting in” Is this a fact? I am a transfer from Baruch 3.7. I didn’t hear back yet for SOM. I only need to complete Statistics. Anyone know my chances?

Anyone hear back yet that applied in the last month?

There wasn’t anything about a course report on the application.

May I ask for everyone’s stat ? I’m planning to apply for 2022 ,really appreciate everything !