Binghamton or Buffalo honors?

<p>Help s decide.</p>

<p>Well how’s the financial aid from both schools? I know UB has some nice merit based scholarships while Bing offers them for sophomores+ typically.</p>

<p>He received some merit money from Buffalo but not enough to make the decision for him. Both schools are a bargain. S is looking for some insight in terms of academics, reputation, grad school/career placement, contact with professors, research opportunities . . .</p>

<p>Are you from NY? Because then you’re only looking at like 5000 for tuition, right? That’s crazy good.
I’m from CT, and my instate school (UConn) is 10000 just for tuition.</p>

<p>I got into Binghamton- it looks like an excellent school. I know alumni who have been extremely successful.
I’m visiting April 2nd…have you visited?</p>

<p>As far as Buffalo vs. Binghamton, Binghamton is a top 100 school, as Buffalo is not.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Yes , from NY. More like 18K for Binghamton and 12k for Buffalo and still, as you say, crazy good. Binghamton is a first choice, but still wondering what Buffalo “honors” adds to the equation. </p>

<p>We visited last winter and will be there again on April 10. Good luck to you too.</p>