Binghamton or Geneseo?

<p>Im interested in business and know that binghamton has a pretty well known business school. However, I think i liked geneseo better and have heard alot about unhappy students at binghamton. is bing thought to be that much better?</p>

<p>i have the same question! I heard Binghamton, eventhough the most popular SUNY for business, is not a great town for college (some people said it's like a dead city). Is that true? And how about Buffalo?</p>

<p>I am not sure about their reputations for business, but Buffalo seems to be a city that college students are very happy with (we have many students from our district go there). Geneseo is very ,very selective. Many of the top students from our district end up wait listed or not admitted. Not sure about Binghamton. I went there a zillion years ago. I transferred after one semester to be closer to home, however we never really went into the city...but I know things have changed since then!</p>

<p>Purely anecdotal, but I have heard several very excellent (academically and all-around) students speak very highly of Geneseo's business program and their choice to go there. (these kids also accepted at very selective private schools. Either makes sense with considerations of $- thinking to attend an excellent undergrad program and save a little for that MBA. Probably also depends on which environment a student prefers- smaller of larger.</p>