Binghamton University for accounting

<p>I am attending binghamton university next fall in accounting major.
I chose this school because their accounting program is ranked like 2nd in business week and all that. but now every time I find out about this school, it seems to be getting worse.
Do you have any useful information about binghamton's accounting program?
it seems too hard to find a job in NY also.</p>

<p>call SOM and ask them the job placement rate for accounting majors this past year; you will be fine.....</p>

<p>Binghamton is basically the best overall suny school.</p>

<p>Binghamton has pretty good Big 4 recruitment for NYC.</p>

<p>Somebody already made a thread somewhere about Binghamton and among other things claimed that 100% of the class went to the Big Four in some year. I don't know or care if that's true or not, but the point is the school has already been discussed a great deal in that thread. Try doing a search for it.</p>