Binghamton University??

<p>I've just been college surfing and came across Binghamton. I was wanting anybodies opinion on BU and if its a good school or not?</p>

<p>A great school located in upstate NY. I'd say its a school slowly but surely on the rise. There business school is well regarded if that's what you're into.</p>

<p>it's a SUNY. it's where fairly smart NY kids go to save money. OOS it's not worth it</p>

<p>New York state does not have a flagship, but if it did, Bing would be it.</p>

<p>BU is a good school with a variety of programs, however depending on what you plan to major in Geneseo is regarded as the most "Prestigious" of the SUNY's and from my experience students from our school who have gone to each have enjoyed Geneseo more.</p>