Binghamton vs Boston University

Stuck on making a decision. Both are great schools. Both are equidistant from home. Boston will end up costing about $11k more per year after all financial aid. I love the idea of Boston, there is just something about it and it has a great program. I want to go on to PA school when I am done with undergrad. Everything so far is comparable. The only thing I don’t think I’ve compared are things such as the food and the dorms. How is the food at Bing? How is the food at BU? Are the cafeterias inside the dorms in each or would I have to go to other locations to eat/do laundry? If all things are almost equal, I don’t know what else to look at. Any other info is appreciated. Thanks!

Boston is a great town for college. It has a lot more going on than Binghamton. The big plus to Bing is the cost, but for you, they are so close that BU seems like a better choice.

44k over 4 yrs difference- I would choose Boston too. More of a global name, more diversity, just more exciting environment. Bing is a great place if it is saving a lot of money- really a bargain. But 44k is not that huge a difference.

Well, the $44k is something to consider though, when looking at PA school which can run upwards of $120k. It’s just a tough decision. They are both good schools.

I think I’m just looking for something to make one stand out over the other.

I think the easy standout is Boston VS Binghamton as cities. If you forget the schools, Boston is a city, college town really, which you can enjoy in a multitude of ways. For me, I spent a weekend in the city/town of Binghamton once and couldn’t wait to get out. JMHO. Someone else might love the area.

Or someone else might dislike Boston – and that person would be me. If OP is from NYC they might find it rather dead. I’m secretly hoping none of my kids moves to Boston so that I can avoid it for the rest of my days. One NYC person said that Boston “was a town that hadn’t had a date in about 100 years,” but he didn’t use the word date. Substitute whatever word you feel appropriate. In contrast Bing isn’t trying to be a world-class city. What it offers is mountains, a natural preserve for hiking and other outdoor activities, and so on–in other words the opposite of NYC which might be a nice contrast. To each his or her own … plus it’s $44K that can be used for grad study. Not a small amount in this economy

@empireapple I hear what you are saying about the city, but it’s hard to “forget the schools” since that’s the purpose of going in the first place. lol. And I’m trying to figure out which school is better, since they are both good choices.

@Dustyfeathers I agree with the beauty that surrounds binghamton, and the city doesn’t thrill me, that’s why i’m trying to base it solely on school. not an easy choice.

People choose Bing for the $.
People choose Boston U despite the $.