Binghamton vs University of Maryland

Binghamton School of Management or Maryland Smith School of Business. Out of state for both.

Received partial merit ($10K) for Binghamton, nothing for Maryland.

Feedback on either school appreciated.

if price is not an issue, umd - more opportunities as it is close to dc and good business school. ultimately, it comes down to preference; both good schools and will offer a good education but it is what you like better and what you think would be a better fit.

Anyone else?

I believe that Smith at UMD is selective admission after sophomore year, so that you’re only a premajor, whereas Bing is direct admit.
I’d take the direct admit over the selective secondary admit.

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I can’t speak to academic matters, but they are really different places in terms of campus life (Bing is nearly all in-state kids, 94%, vs 77% for MD), campus size/tradition, and their surrounding areas (DC suburbs vs the Southern Tier of NY). $40K isn’t anything to sneeze at but if there are aspects of Maryland’s location, campus life, Big 10, etc you like, you would be sacrificing some of that to go to Bing.


The Smith School of Business at UMD is a Limited Enrollment Program and it is a direct admit beginning in Freshman Year.

Bing’s SOM has MANY connections to NYC. AFAIK, grads are quite successful at getting jobs, but they aren’t handed to you on a plate. It’s a good program. For the money, I’d probably choose Bing.