bio 1a discussion

<p>I'm wondering if I should give myself an hour space before going to discussion to prep for it. Should i or shouldn't i? What do we even do in discussion?</p>

<p>The GSI reviews material - many students skip discussion. It really depends on how helpful your GSI is and how well you already know the material.</p>

<p>For module one read Campbell. You will need to memorize Glycolysis and Krebs cycle. For Module two, don't read Campbell. Have fun staring at Jasper's artwork. Module three, it depends. The course reader was helpful when Firestone taught it last semester. Good luck with Mike Meighan.</p>

<p>I took the course in the spring so I don't know if it is run in the same way as it is in the fall. That aside, I only attended the first discussion section and never went back (I dropped by office hours to pick up my exams). There were no quizzes or any useful information.</p>


<p>How did you do in that class. I took it in spring too.</p>

<p>I took this class in Fall 08.</p>

<p>Other than being a good refresher, discussion isn't all too useful. My GSI gave us handouts with key terms and pictures and ****, but most of us never used them.</p>

<p>Campbell textbook is useless throughout this class. Unlike Bio 1B where the book was useful for plant labs, in this case Campbell is just a seven pound paperweight </p>

<p>Malkin's section on cell biology is probably the hardest segment.
Fischer's section was the easiest.
Firestone's section was intermediate (but it was the section I did the worst on because I did not study it enough...)</p>

<p>I took the class in Spring 2008 and got an A.</p>

<p>on a similar topic, how is Bio 1AL?</p>

<p>are the labs like Bio1B's? cuz those were pretty easy lol</p>

<p>It depends on the person - I found Malkin to be tricky but easy, Fischer to be harder, and Firestone to be easiest. However, Firestone isn't teaching this fall, Forte is and I heard he's harder.</p>

<p>Bio 1AL labs are nothing like 1B. For one, it is graded on your performance on exams and quizzes, not on groupwork in bio 1b (which is totally not fair). Your worksheets and how well you carry out labs don't count for your grade but you want to really do the labs since they help with the exams, especially the 2nd half. The lab class is way more stressful than Bio 1B labs and you learn a lot.</p>

<p>so the Bio 1AL grade is determined entirely by quizzes and exams? don't we earn points from labs and worksheets at all?</p>

<p>No, labs and worksheets are graded on scale of 1-3 for completion, if you do well on the worksheets they will help bump your grade up if you are borderline between grades (e.g., A-/A, B+/A-, etc.).</p>

<p>what are the three sections taught? i've been trying to figure it out, but i can't find like a general topic</p>

<p>malkin teaches proteins/metabolism, fischer genetics, forte physiology</p>

<p>ah yes. physiology. my enemy.</p>