Bio 1AL Quiz for Chordate Diversity

<p>HELP! Anyone had Helen for their GSI? What kinds of questions does she ask for the chordate diversity lab? There's SOOOO much to memorize!</p>

<p>I only know Helen is one of the harder GSIs out there in Bio 1 series.</p>

<p>Helen Lew is a legend in Bio1AL - I had the fortune of having her last year. She and Tanaka are the two hardest GSIs for Bio1AL. Memorize EVERYTHING, especially parallels - what organs or functions parallel what other organs or functions in other creatures, etc.</p>

<p>my GSI forgot to erase the cladogram from the board before the quiz. Hope yours does too.</p>

<p>Ahh no! Hey, tastyb33f, do you think you could post some questions she used in your year/ what kind of parallels are you talking of? Because the only things I can think of that grew into other stuff or whatever is notochord, nerve cord, gills, and post-anal tail.</p>

<p>calfrosh you do want your academic career to end?</p>

<p>Just read the damn lab manual and memorize it. Simple as that. What more is there to talk about?</p>