Bio 1B Final, how was it?

<p>How do you guys think yoy did on today's Bio 1B final?</p>

<p>What did you guys get for the question about what will be the greatest population in 30 years?</p>


<p>Also, the one about Biological Species concept, was it reproductive isolation alone or was it postzygotic or prezygotic?</p>

<p>Thanks and good luck on other fibals!!</p>

<p>anyone?? (10char)</p>

<p>I said 20-30 cause they are the population that will reproduce the most short term, which will lead to more later on (picture would be more representative)
and for the BSC i said both which i'm pretty sure is right (in my notes it says "Reprodictuive isolation: Pre and Post zygotic"</p>

<p>thanks mkapur! I heard from my gsi that we are getting our grades for the class this Friday!!</p>