Bio 1b

<p>Hi Guys, I'm planning to take Bio 1b this semester. I wanted to ask those that have taken it already the best way to study for this class. Is it worth watching the webcast from the previous year to get a head starts.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for the responses</p>

<p>You can but be sure to watch the ones that have the professors who will be teaching in the Spring. My advice in succeeding is to attend keep up with lectures. It is 8AM MWF so many people do not attend and rely on webcasts. It is ok if you do use webcasts but be sure to keep up with them and not save them all for the last minute. Take very detailed lecture notes and study as you go along. Readings also help to reinforce the material but not a big necessity. Make sure to make use of office hours and always ask your GSI if you have questions about ANYTHING. This class is a pretty easy science pre-req compared to other classes if you put effort and work into it.</p>