Bio 740 Chem 760? - Good enough for IVY??


<p>I'm a sophomore, and looking at where my SAT II test scores would be. I would like to go to an ivy league level college, and am very interested in columbia.</p>

<p>Last year after Honors Biology I took the SAT Bio and got a 740. This year after Honors Chemistry I am taking it on June 5 and think I'll get in the 750 - 770 range. I will not have the option of taking IB Biology or Chemistry until I'm a senior, so this is the last chance I'll have to take these SAT IIs.</p>

<p>I am planning on taking Math II and US History when I'm a junior. Should I take the SAT II Chem this year, even if I don't get an amazing grade? I know some colleges require it or SAT Physics (which I definetly won't take) for science-related programs/majors.</p>

<p>Will a 750-770 hurt my chances in any way, and will colleges look at when I took it?</p>

<p>Anything that's not an 800 is statistically not up to par with the Ivy's but I doubt it will make or break your app.</p>

<p>it's like "meh" for Columbia. Won't bring you down.. but won't boost your app. If test scores are your forte, then this is not good. If ECs are really good, you're kind of fine.</p>

<p>I have decent ECs - editor in chief of two clubs, regional awards in a couple others, volunteering, instrument, extensive research project (could focus on that).</p>

<p>Excellent grades, rigorous curriculum should be good SATs, good AP. Math II should be good, so should US History. Recs should be personal, all my teachers love me. Just a bit shaky on Chem, might be a 780, not sure right now.</p>

<p>And I know it sounds extremely arrogant, but I'm just trying to get a lot across quickly. I'm not that snotty in person.</p>

<p>Don't worry about arrogance on this forum lol.</p>

<p>Anything 700+ is good and 750+ is set. You're fine. Don't spend more money retaking them.</p>

<p>Just put it in perspective and don't waste time and energy trying to get an 800. If you're 740+, you'll be fine. Don't listen to anyone who tells you you have to get an 800 on a subject test to get into an ivy league: they just want good students who are unique and multitalented. Not a drone with high test scores.</p>

Not a drone with high test scores.


colleges want students with high scores. this is undeniable</p>

<p>^ i second that</p>

<p>although that isnt the only thing</p>

<p>Neither is great but neither is terrible, so don't retake either.</p>

<p>I would say if you get around 750 don't retake :O Not worth the time, stress, or money</p>

<p>"Are my scores good enough" is not the right question. There is no "good enough"; there are no thresholds. Higher is better, but there are times when "better" just isn't worth the effort.</p>

<p>I won't really have a chance to retake Bio. Should I take the Chem, which I'm pretty sure I'll get 750+ on, or just cancel it? If I got lower than, say a 770, should I retake it in October?</p>

<p>Is "better" worth the efforts?</p>

<p>Also, I'll be taking Math II and US History, which my classes will better prepare me for, so I'll probably have very high scores on those.</p>

<p>i think d ivy legues atleast look at you as a person overall and not just at your scores because all the students applying there submit great scores.So thats not the only criteria they're looking for. If you score around 770 and above,its decent.</p>

<p>Class rank is king</p>

<p>I think those scores are fine. They won't really make your app stand out anymore but I don't think any college, including Ivies, would consider those scores "too low." If the rest of your app is great, those scores won't hurt you.
Let's just say if you don't get in, those scores won't be the reason why.
Anything 730/740+ is fine (except math II needs to be a bit higher with the insane curve but that's not what you're worried about right now :P)</p>

Let's just say if you don't get in, those scores won't be the reason why.


<p>Most likely, yes.</p>

<p>silverturtle was that you agreeing or disagreeing with me? lol I can never tell on the internet.</p>

silverturtle was that you agreeing or disagreeing with me?


<p>I was qualifying your statement.</p>

<p>Your scores make you qualified for admission, but they wont be the reason your accepted or rejected or waitlisted. It all comes down to the essays, the most important part of your application.</p>