Bio experiment

<p>Where can I get an ideas for an experiment in bio? My class is just starting and I am having difficulty coming up with an idea for an experiment.</p>

<p>Bump aidez-moi!!!!!!</p>

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<p>umm whats your experiment about or w.e, maybe i could help u out? :)</p>

<p>The issue is that I need to devise my own experiment.</p>

<p>oh i see...any other details? lol Like how far did u get in bio or w.e? ...i mean an experiment can be about anything lol ( like the effects of studying on your brain lol) </p>

<p>I might have a few ideas for you :)</p>

<p>I am only a couple weeks into the class. I would prefer something not involving human subjects.</p>

<p>umm lets see now ...this is more of a science fair-type could umm...make an experiment thats somehow about enzymes, like Experiment to see the effect of different factors (pH value, heat, Salts) on (different)enzyme reaction rates , since every enzyme has an point where it acts most efficent, u could make the experiment quite simple by using just one enzyme and testing out the factors like, each one seperatly , or you could make it complicated by using more then one enzyme ( i personally recommend two or more) , and u could even go as complicated as Changing different factors at the SAME time (such as heating AND adding an acid solution) though i wouldnt really recommend going that far since that way it becomes extremly copmlicated ...</p>

<p>o and if ur wondering where to get enzymes , u could get Catalase from Liver (not human liver , lol; sheep or cow will do) , u just cut the liver into small equal pieces and place em in the test tube, and u could also get amylase from if ur willing to pay u could like order online/by catalog from companies such as carolina or flinn ...</p>

<p>hope that helps, Tell me if you have any quesions</p>

<p>You can get catalase from almost anything, I think a potato would be more accessable than liver.</p>

<p>i dont think u could get catalase from a potato, i they really need to break down hydrogen peroxide? lol (correct me if i am wrong..)</p>

<p>You can find catalase in potatoes.</p>

<p>so..did u try it etti?</p>

<p>do the cheek cell lab.</p>

<p>lol or do like one of the 12 AP labs That are on CB's</p>

<p>It should be original.</p>

<p>Then he could do my</p>

<p>There's a really cool and relatively simple lab to isolate DNA from cells that you could find pretty quickly on Google. It uses stuff like rubbing alcohol and soap. </p>

<p>But maybe this is the cheek cell lab AzN3rd was talking about...</p>

<p>None of the suggested labs are original. They are all labs from classes you have taken. I did the cheek lab in sophomore biology.</p>