bio m sparknotes

<p>how accurate are the practice tests?
i scored 600 on first one, studied a bit and focused more on..
670 second time
i will take another one today or tomorrow</p>

<p>but i am just wondering, how accurate are these tests? I just reserved a PR book, and will take a test from there too, are those more / less accurate than sparknotes?</p>

<p>for me sparknotes was somewhat easier in their review book. not sure about the online ones though.</p>

<p>The first sparknotes test (at least for me) had some mistakes on it. (It said in the explanations once: "The correct answer is B. Your answer was B.") As a result, I've not taken another one. From what I've read here on CC about the on-line ones, is that your score tends to be lower than what you will actually get on the test.</p>

<p>I cannot stand the way the PR book is written and have not taken a practice test yet from there, but generally PR is pretty accurate when it comes to practice tests.</p>