Bio Majors Gimme Your Insights

<p>if you are a bio major and got accepted to or applying to ucb or ucsd help me out here...did you complete all the transferrable courses on assist? my counselor told me that i should have just ignored igetc and concentrated on assist from the start( too late now b/c im almost done w/ igetc) and therefore i should finish assist which will take me another 3-4 semesters...i really do not want to be on the 4-year plan at a ccc.ive been there for 4 semsters already and its time to leave! i will have most of the assist done by next year so maybe they will be okay with that. do you think that not completing it would hurt my chances of acceptance next year? what have ppl told you?</p>

<p>yo hailothethief, i'm admitted to ucsd human biology...i've completed the IGETC and have completed/will complete the following major prep classes for my major:</p>

<p>2 semesters of General Biology
2 semesters of General Chemistry
2 semesters of Organic Chemistry
3 semesters of Calculus
3 Semester of Physics
1 semester of Molecular Cell Biology (for UCLA)</p>

<p>I'm basically done with all the lower division class for UCLA, not sure about UCSD b/c UCLA was top choice behind berkeley...It took me a full two years, summer and winter to complete everything...IMO it's best that you complete as much as possible, but missing one or two classes will not hurt you at all....i heard that most students transfer w/out completing physics, so i don't think you have to worry too much...good luck to you...</p>

<p>ccct, did u hear about those bastards at SD. They require 15 classes of upperdevision, but they don't count Ochem towards those 15 classes b/c all classes taken at a CC count as lower devision.</p>

<p>In other words if u would have taken Ochem there, u would have had 3 classes out of 15 done for upper devision.</p>

<p>I learned that last week, i was pretty furious b/c they are my #2 school.</p>

<p>NOw i really want to go to ucla so i won't have to face that unfair policy.</p>

<p>UC claim to treat CC students w/ the same priviliges as regular students, but what's up w/ that.</p>

<p>hailothethief, I got into UCSD as a Human Bio.'s my prep:
2 semesters of General Biology
2 semesters of General Chemistry
2 semesters of Calculus</p>

<p>wow thanks guys...i was freaking out b/c i did not wanna be at ccc for like 4 far i have:</p>

<p>4 semesters of biology(botany,zoology,cell/mol,ev. ecology)
1 semester of chem (general)
1 semester calc.</p>

<p>but by transfer time i should have 2 more semesters of chem, 1 semester of physics, and calc 2 done.not quite everything, but pretty good yeah? do you guys know if they will count the classes i take in my final year into consideration b/c you have to apply 1 year ahead of the semester you transfer?</p>

<p>i think they look at ur grades for fall and winter, when u apply.</p>

<p>If u have a around a 3.4, u should be admitted to SD.</p>

<p>However, it will be almost imposible to graduate in 2 years if u haven't done either ochem or physics.</p>

<p>do you know if berkeley wants all the prep done as well? thats my #1 school.</p>

<p>berkeley looks at all your prep. you definitely have a stronger chance if you complete chem 1a/1b, chem 3a/3b, bio1a/1b, and the calculus sequence. And as of this year, Physics IS NOT required to transfer.</p>